Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

New C.L.A.S.S

hello. with me again. long time no post!new life. new people. new friends. new classmates. new chairmate. new teacher. new knowledge. and NEW LOVE!
how color our life. every hour, every minute, every second, it's must changed. Life must go on. let's we start to tell my story.

First, my new class was so bored. feel so different with my old class, XC. but time go on, finally i feel so comfortable with my class XI IS 2. i feel enjoy, really, really enjoyed. i feel we're care. not that words that i can say, beside I LOVE THIS CLASS TO MUCH{}:* you rock guys!!! keep rock, keep solid. we are family. ASSASIN.

New friends. i love ASSASIN's friendship. we're not group, but we're all together! i love how we are SOLID. KEEP ROCKIN GUYS evy, caca, karlina, ara, hilwa, vika, nanda, yumna, danty, kania, karin, karina, jasmin, iren, uray, ega, diana, aci, gilang, reza, miguel, mecin, naufal, delpri, pare, fariz, faiz, aris, adiv, alvin, gilman, ikki, zein, dll. Hope we're can solid until........whatever!forever maybe:D

and i know whoever you are. we are friends. and for you, i know it's denial. so, i ignore this feeling for you. but, thanks for that smile, and laugh. keep friendship!

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