Kamis, 13 Januari 2011


all of people around me always make me for remember you
remember me what happen yesterday
remember me when you STILL there's beside me
remember me you're so care for me
remember why i always wait tomorrow for meet you
remember me when we laugh, smile, talk
remember me when you always care of me
remember me about you
remember me HOW I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

i want that.
i want you
i just want you
not he
i want you not change
i want you still there's beside me
i want you still care for me
i want how you smile for me

i don't want you say 'BYE' every we chat on BBM,
when you say 'BYE' i thinks to:
  • i miss you
  • are you OK?
  • are you miss me?
  • are you happy?
  • are you still fine until tomorrow we will meet?
  • and, Another.......

trust me. i am not want you change. now you with her. not with her. but you not with me again. we never a relationship right? BUT, we ever closer right? i am not unbeliever i like you. i love you. but now your not YOU AGAIN. YOU CHANGE. changed drastically. thanks for being my day boy. thanks for make my day was beautiful. thanks for the best memory that we've, and thanks for everything. OYA, THANKS FOR THE BEST EXPECTATION THAT YOU GIVE FOR ME



now. 23.00 but i can't sleep. i don't know what must i have to do. finally, i open my laptop and yeah....post!!!! connection is bad, it's very slowly. i wanna tell you about.......why.i.still.singel?

until now. i still thinks, why i still single? am i childish? am i selfish? or what? i thinks because I WANT A PERFECTLY. we know all people not perfect. but i want he or whowhateve that i love, i like or as my boyf is perfect. i mean he must kind of me, really love me. but honestly i like a handsome boy(i am not unbeliever) and a important thing. he can make my feel is good, if i there's beside him. trough a relationship for make our fell happy, not for make our fell is bad(put your hands. if you agree with me!!)
but, i must change it. i am not selfish. God have a good one for me. but know i don't know his. but if God show me that time. certainly i know him.
maybe, God tell me if better I'm single now. but one the nice thing. i have my family and my friends that they love me. really i don't sad about this. i just think what wrong with me?

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

More Special


hey....07. you know i miss you? i really miss you. but i know,
really know, and very know you don't miss me.
hmm..maybe you don't care of me. i sure about this.
you just my memory. the beautiful memory.
the special memory
the great memory
your special
i know we are never together again
but, one thing that must you know
i still want you
yeah want you. not love you:')


  • The world just those who want for fight

So funny if we want something without hardworking. we must to do something for get it. for reach what we want. don't just want have fun. just want doing something what we want. don't care about anything. it's bad guys.

  • we never know what happen tomorrow if we give up today

never to be a give up person(hmm...you know right what i mean) because it's true. we just don't know what happen if we give up today. So funny for to be a give up person. we don't know what happen tomorrow, but we give up. we say 'aghhh...i don't care' or 'aghhh.. what ever. i tired' we must through a life with a real mood ehmmm...yeah like that

  • life must goes on! there's a bright future waiting for you

yeah..i know we always see future not what past happen. because the past it's just my memory. I'm must see my future. my dream. don't care about my bad memory. life it's not about memory. life it's about future and dream. and one thing important. life is about ME. not THEIR.

  • why i must remember the shit memory. yeah like shit dejavu

because you always there's in my head. in my brain. if i see your it's like a shit dejavu. i don't want see your eyes. i don't want see your face. i don't hear your voice. because it's just make my hear back to you. it's a shit right?

  • why you r so far for me?

can you tell me why you far for me now????????? i can't get you. i can't reach you. you so far for me. maybe god have another way for me. not with you. yeah maybe. it's hard. but. i must. can. yeah.

me+you= ♥

like miley steward and oliver....
don't care about what they say
don't care miley was laying oliver
but oliver still believe her

♥ believe him
♥believe her
♥and trust me. we can through our relationship

like Troy and Gabriella.
it's a real true love
i like their relationship.
don't care about distance between their
don't care about sharpay, ryan or another people.
just they.

♥ trust me
♥ and i will trust you
♥ if you say 'i love you'
♥ i will replace 'i love you too'

like Ronnie and Will.
don't care about Will's family don't like Roonie
don't care about Roonie's ex
don't care about Will blunder committed against with Roonie's father
because it's about we not their

♥this relationship about us
♥don't care what people say about him
♥don't care about what they judge for me
♥because it's about we not their

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

hay...i'm Ninit

hayyy....i'm Ninit. i have a new hobby. i like make a video haha
video lypsinc or video cover.
i mean, it's because to many people have a video cover on youtube
i want share my video on youtube but i not
want this for now. later maybe.
it's just a simple pict. yeah not important right?
*sigh* i don't know what i must to do.
oke bayyyyyy...

The Nice Thing

.......Problem in our live like a RAIN.
......BUT, the nice things about RAIN
.........it's always stop
  • i'll make it a wonderful
  • now, i know one thing. if i have a problem i believe it's always stop
  • sometimes rain certainly is bad. but sometimes rain is beautiful
.....every one want HAPPINES
.....no one want pain
....but one thing that must we know
.....we can't make a beautiful RAINBOW
......without a rain
  • everyone is like Rainbow
  • everyone never bored for look a rainbow
  • Rainbow is a beautiful
  • it's because everyone want to be like rainbow
  • beautiful
  • wonderful
  • fullcolor
  • and....all of people like a rainbow

why i still.........

1. why i still love you?
2. why i still miss you?
3. why i still want you come to me and say 'i still love you'?
4. why i still need you?
5. why i still expect of you?
6. why i can't repeat the time when i still with you?
7. why we must like this?

the answer is.........

  • because, until now. i cant find another boy like you. just because you are the best thing that ever been mine. you could make me like this. it's a plenty reason, right?

  • like what i say. because i can't find someone like you. everyday. i always thinks about you. think when we together, when you call my name everyday, when everything thing we through together

  • it's a simple answer. because. I LOVE YOU.

  • because, just you the only one that i want. just you that i want. you are the only one boy that i need. you could make me comfortable if i there's beside you. you could make me stop crying when i cry because everything that make me sad. you're perfect boy:')

  • i still hope you come with me. i don't the meanly reason why. my heart say it.

  • if God give me a one wishes. i want back to 2 years ago. when i with you. just it what i want. back to 2years ago.

  • i want with you. now we are so different. we so far now. you to be a selfish and player person. not like that. and it's a reason why i disappointed of you now.