Kamis, 30 September 2010

i hate discord

pasti! ada pertemuan dan perpisahan. gue benci perpisahaan disaat kita merasa confort sama seseorang, disaat kita udah negrasa kompak, ngerasa sayang, cinta. dan disaat saat seperti itulah kita harus merasakan perpisahaan.
i always ask. " why we must separated?" but not answer can answer this question. like in jhs. i love my class in grade 9th. but why we must separated. and we must adaption again with a new condition.different with a boys. it's complicated! if we confort with this boy. why he us to be a different people. and he leave me.
different with a boys. it's complicated! if we confort with this boy. why he us to be a different people. and he leave me.

look that pict.

i want he.....hug me again
i want he.....there's beside me again
i want he.....caring me again
i want he.....kiss me again
i want you......

i hate that.......
i hate when that people that i loved said that words
i hate say the words

we alone again....
we thinks for future...
we lonelly again.....

it's a reason why i hate a discord. i want have him. untill now. but i can't, he leave me. and say GOOD BYE! for me. i hate that words. GOODBYE??? what a real mean for that words? hhhh i don't care about it

a life......

gue bingung. gue udah sma tapi kenapa sifat ngiri gue semakin menjadi jadi, gue selalu ngiri ngeliat temen gue yang punya barang yang lagi gue pengen. gue selalu ngiri sama temen gue yang deket sama cowok yang gue suka. gue suka ngiri ini, gue suka ngiri itu. kenapa sih sifat gue yang satu itu ngga bisa ilang? padahal gue selalu berharap gue bisa nerima apa aja yang gue dapet, selalu bersyukur.

i know nobody perfect. but i want a perfect life. i want have what do i want. selfish? yaaaa, gue ngga munafik. gue emang selalu minta apa aja yang gue mau ke bokap. gue selalu ngambek kalo ngga diturutin, tapi ya inilah gue. gue nyaman denga gue yang sekarang.
i just want to be myself
i don't unbeliever
if i don't like he/she, i'm make sure for hate him/her

sorry for this post is not important, i just want share for you all:)

Selasa, 14 September 2010

a letter

sorry.....because always make you angry
sorry.....because always make you hate me
sorry.....for pain that i caused
sorry.....because always make you succumb in every way
sorry.....because i always stubborn
sorry.....because i will into your life
sorry.....bacause i must leave you

thanks....because you make my day beautiful
thanks....because you already show me the beautiful eyes i have ever seen
thanks....because of you i have spirit for life
thanks....because you gave the best happines for me

because you'll teach me to pray for people that we love happy
because you can gave me a onething that i can't gave for you

inspiration by Dealova

the beloved people

who is my beloved pople or we can say my beloved friends. honestly, i'll feel better if i with my friends. in there, i can be my self. i can laugh, tell my story about love or boy, and anything that show "this is me" and my beloved people are FANIY and ILA:) just with them i can show my experience, laugh, smile, and anything. but we don't same high school again, faniy in 14shs, ila in 52shs, and location ila's school and home it's so far from here.

we can meet if we have a holiday, or weekend. can't meet everday. when we jonior high school we can meet everyday, laugh everyday, and tell story everday. actually, i know them in grade 9, in grade 7 and 8 i just know them. like "oh that is faniy" or "oh that is ila" not close like now.

usually, we hang out to the mall in jakarta. like plaza indonesia, penvil or foodcourt in tebet TIS we happy visit that place. but sometimes we just visit we're home, for example, this week in faniy's home, next week in my home or ila's home, and so on.

oke seem like that i just can tell you about my close friend. i happy have them. and i hope we can't separated ya bey:) i happy of you two.


someone...........hug me
someone........kiss me
someone.........caring me
someone.......know me
someone........love me

in this pict read "but never knew they could exist until met you" i think it is true. we never know he if we don't know he. like if we don't know who.is.he(like boyf) we must can't love him. like the lyrics of mandy more-someday we'll know

"Oh, Someday we’ll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we’ll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we’ll know
Why I wasn’t meant for you..."

just we both know what happent on future. just we both know who is the couple. and just we know if we love him or not.

have a great class

i must happy or sad? hahaha because i have a crazy classmate, yeah we are so crazy, just want have fun, and lazy. but i happy have them, my days full of laugh. and i really miss you them so much now, when teacher not came to our class, my class always noisy! too many teacher come to my class and angry with our hahahaha but it's fun. and one think, i happy have them. so much:)


i dont't know what i read in this post. i don't know why i always.........in bahasa "galau" LOL, yah maybe that's right. maybe because i fell lonely. i alone in my home. it's because i always hang out with my friend. but my father angry with me if i went to home always too night, but i have a reason why i like that. i am lonely!
it's just what i can say. but my father doesn't understand me, that he want i always me stuck in home, study or just online. but you know? it's so bored. i can't laugh, talking with others, and manymore, i just read activities people or anthing. seriously, i realy realy get out from this home, in this home, just make me sad!