Sabtu, 30 April 2011

just wanna waiting you

the girl who wanna waiting him,
Nida Riandita

Kamis, 21 April 2011

I Called It Best♥

The best partner forevah
Nida Riandita & Fahradina Putri

Selasa, 19 April 2011

Keep What Do You Think It's Good

Don't leave the people that love you, don't leave them. because even if he goes he will never return and the biggest regret in life we will come.

I learn from the experience itself, there are really the same person I love but I'm really a waste of affection that she gave to me. after that he left. and I'm very sorry that he had wasted

I get this words from on of the blog:

You can only push a boy away for so long
Until he walks out of your life
On his own
So be careful and make sure this is
What You Want
Because once he turn a r o u n d
He isn't coming back

It's enough to show us if don't waste your mine
because once he leave he's never come back

My eyes scroll. think something. think again. I had wasted him. I have wasted valuable time, God give me a good chance but wasted that time, i choose another person that worst than him. And it's TRUE! he never come back. We just need see what in front of us eyes, don't look that impossible things and the person that we don't know, look the deepest heart, look how he loving us. not who is their!

So, don't ever wasted the person in front of your eyes!

You can live without the person who can love you just the way you are. You have to live with the people that love us. That care with us. That know who we are. This is not about that quote but it's about how we trough this live with the true person, and how we can choose the true person. All that happens, make it as a lesson.

who try to smile,
Nida Riandita

Waiting! The Worst Job

who sit waiting her love,
Nida Riandita

It's Time To Move On

enough for loving you, enough for like you. enough!enough! I'm tired with all this. tired with your act, tired with you attitude. your act like you don't really care to me. it's plenty to me! to show if we'll not together.

maybe, you never know what I'm feel for you, you never see that! but, one thing my love for you just the way you are. i not love because you handsome, kind, or another. you're the worst person but i don't know why i fall in love with you. for me you're perfect. in my eyes you're more than word called 'perfect' just you that make me smile, laugh, feel in loved again since he leave me. just you there's in my life.

but now! I'm not to love you again. it's time to move on. I'm trying! of first, i don't wanna like you, but i can't stop it. that feel show own. i can't prevent!
kalo disuruh milih lebih baik dari awal gue nggak usah ngeladenin lo, nggak usah kenal lo. if i must forget you! it's hurt. if God give me a chance to reply this time, gue cuma mau kalau tuhan nggak usah memperkenalkan kita berdua, gue nggak usah tau lo, dan lo nggak usah tau gue. maybe it's better if we know but we always fight, never got along. i'm tired with this all!!
i want like old. i don't know you. nggak kenal jelas sama lo, not feeling for you, semenjak kenal lo gue jadi orang yang cengeng, lemah! gak bangetlah. from this all, i just want you to know what I'm fell. tapi lo nggak mungkin baca blog gue, hmmm...oke it's time to move on. thanks for everything:')

Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Thanks For Being With Me

thanks for the best expectation that you give for me

thanks because you've already make my day was beautiful

thanks for making me realize that we must fight for life and that life must be forded through the spirit, struggle, and willpower

thanks because you've give me the biggest happiness in my life

thanks because you've already give me something that anyone can't give for me

thanks for teach me to pray for the beloved people in my life can happy

thanks for change my empty life becomes full of color

thanks for become only guy extraordinary and unmatched ever entered in my life

thanks for being the only person who can make me give in

thanks......for being my guardian!
thanks......for being king for my life!

Who have experienced,
Nida Riandita

Weird oh Freak oh Awkward

ohhhh back oh backkk....please back the nice the beautiful moment. enough tired trough this fuckin life. I entered high school during all devastated, bleak, i Swear!
let alone all the strange apartment, I should be doing aja confused ancur value all, the state of chaos. apartment is not really only a few are cool and fun I think that could make the rest crazy madness tacky.
may take time yes it all, did not have that instant all need to process as well as about the solidity of a force
I miss you always miss you, miss the best force can be like a 'fraternity' when they used to be. I've tried to strong and happy but still can not wrote it all different, all strange. very strange. they are not what I wanted, happy-happy over my suffering. senengnya wants his own self. damn!
for now I try to be patient aja times yes. time must continue to walk, run every heart with a smile and i believe everything gonna be alright. and i believe All that happened will of beautiful someday

Kamis, 14 April 2011

I Know I'm The Worst Person!

I don't know must what I'm said. I don't know must I'm doing. I don't know must what I'm thinking. I don't know how i can make you to like me. i don't know it's true or false. To like you is true or false. I try, try to hate you, forget you from my mind. But it's not working. I like you like i love you.

Now in the dark night. In the nice song. The song that I'm sing for you:

Look here
Look nice and close
This is where we are now

From this day on until forever more
We've walked our own ways
Wasting our days
On things we thought
Worth it

We've set our own course
Spending our time
With people we thought
Cared We were two lost souls
Finding our way like fools

From choosing the wrong partners
Until finding each other

Come what may
I'll be with you forever 'till the end
Come what may
We'll be together hand in hand
For I am yours and you are mine
Until the end of time

i don't know how much words that i give for you again to show for you if I'm in love with you, don't care about what say did,don't care about they said I'm give up!
Not what-ever whatever what do you want what ever what you do

Senin, 11 April 2011

keep stay cool and calm

for what else to look the past if we still have and still there's something that we must think, we should do that. All problems there's must a reason, something we do also must have a specific reason. time hone for a reason.
we never know what happen in future.
keep stay cool. fight. and SMILE:D
because smile is pretty
smile is happy
smile is show all what we feel
and every people that have a future is a success people
my teacher said to me "Nida, what's your future?" and my answered is "i don't know miss, it's too long for i think now" and my teacher said "hmmm i think you are the badly person" me"why?" my teacher "For yourselves what will if do in the future, what are you thinking for the future. if that's a problem you do not think what other problems. should be all messed up"

from that i thinks again.
selama ini gue selalu mikirin masa lalu terus, apa yang udah terjadi di masa lalu, kenangan-kenangan di masa lalu. jarang banget gue mikirin masa depan, gimana nantinya gue. buruk banget ya gue? iya! gak banget ya gue? iya! sekarang gue mau berubah. jadi ninit yang mikirin gimana masa depannya.
the beautiful past was make me forgeted all things about myself
let's make the beautiful future with the beautiful past with the beautiful person:)
i'm make this for always remind me if we must thinks about future not we're past!

Who's the girl don't want to look the past,
Nida Riandita

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

You Weren't Here

You are the best thing.

No many word that i can give you, just wanna say if i'm scared if you far from me, i'm scared if you say goodbye to me. Because i'm scared if tomorrow i can't see you again:')

Who have experienced,

Nida Riandita

welcome to my new live

hallo......sempat beberapa hari menghilang dari peradapan blog, no post. nggak buka, ilang aja dari blog and........i'm here! ngilang itu karena gue sibuk(oke gue tau gue sok. cukup! gak usah ngasih tau) tapi serius. ini baru kelar UTS dan segala macam tetek bengeknya. remedlah, tugaslah, apalah. yang tiap hari kerjanya pulang sore, lanjut les sampe malem. udah deh bener bener distracted bgt. tapi akhirnya selesai, dan hasil semuanya tanggal 30 april. udah siap kok sama semuanya:) senin, 11 April 2011 besok nih mau sparing lawan SMA 54. ketemu Nadya gakyaaaa, semoga ketemu yaaaa tawiku sayang{} hmm....trus apa lagi yaaaaaaaaa, oiya. masa di kelas banyak yang cinlok hahaha banyak bgt couple di kelas, tiap hari pada pacaran kan envyyyyy huhu tau gue ngga punya pacar. hmmm tapi yasudalah i'm happy too your relationship, and hope they relationship long last:D kemaren basket cuma main-main doang pelatihnya pada nggak dateng hahaha iya main sama anak cowok juga arif, rofqi, kak toban, rara, evi, suci, vina. seru deh! ya gitu doang sih, pelatih gakdateng padahal senin sparing, yaaa semoga aja kita dapet yang terbaik, team basket cewek sama cowok dapet yang terbaik:) AMINNNN!!!!