Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011


I love this class too much.
i love when we together. spend our time with laugh, smile, joke, and everything that make our day was fun. i love when we laugh together, tell our story. joke. and anything. i love when we show to another class if we're solid:)

can make me so happy
can forget my problem
so understand of us
caring of each other

when, August 22th 2011, we had a......breakfasting together. it's like random dinner:D at KFC tebet, kita janjian jam 4, tapi sampe jam 4 pun gue nggak tau mau takein tempat sama siapa. pare gabisa(parah lo re). ikki gak ada kendaraan, yauda akhirnya gue telfon gilang dan dia bisa nemenin gue buat take tempat(Big thanks ya lang) but we thinks that's not enough for stayed at kfc only, dan kita mutusin buat jalan ke monas.

oke, we just agree with that's idea. and here we go, Monas. But, the situation is not for us. Traffic jam was so sucks! can you believed? jam 8 aja masih di kuningan, sementara kita caw dari kfc jam 7. Oke, maybe we must change that plan, Monas maybe for the next destination for us. And change to be go to EPICENTRUM. maybe it's better than monas. that's a good idea from girls. finally, we arrived at Epicentrum on 8.15pm and drinked at Comic Cafe. and stayed in there until 9.30pm. That was gonna be crazy night for Assasin. that was awesome. we had a joke, tell story, and absolutely take some photos. That's was FUN:D thanks for the precious time, ASSASIN:)

keep Rock!
and Keep Solid.
Love ya:D

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