Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Terima Kasih, pelajaran hidupnya.

I just found a amazing book, after looked @bismakarisma tweeted, he tweet about the book tittle "whatever you think, think the opposite" and I think to search that book at bookstore, untungnya belum sempet ke toko buku and I found that book on my brother stack books. Langsung baca dan terbengong-bengong sama isinya, banyak sekali pelajaran hidupnya.
dan memberi sebuah tamparan tentang hidup. 
I was impressed with that book.

Paul Arden gave me a motivation, an understanding about life, about patterns of thinking. In this book "think the opposite" means if other people think long hair is good for this year. Make it to be short hair, and you'll be trendsetter. It's just a little example about that book, and many things he told us to be different to others, in positive way. I'd done to write a post about "try to do something" means try to do something nice to make a batter situation. Disitu gue bilang jangan pernah takut untuk kalah, mungkin kebanyakan orang merasa gengsi atau takut sama yang namanya 'kekalahan' tapi disini gue belajar untuk berbeda dari mereka, learn to be brave. Berani untuk malu.
balik lagi ke buku, i found some quote on this book, such as:
"It's not how good you are, It's how good you want to be"
This quote was so amazing, all the time we're busy to found the way to look good in front of other, busy with all the stuff we had. But, from this I realize if I never be a good human if i just think how to look good in front of others, but the real good I am is what I am to be.

"You are the person you chose to be"
I chose my future by my self, not him, her, or them.

"It's not where you take things from - it's where you 
take them to"
Ini bukan dimana gue menerimanya, tapi ini dimana gue mendapatkannya. WOW! pelajaran banget. It's for a copycat maybe. Because the writer describe this page about a thief.

and that's all my review for my favorite book, The book that can give me A PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE. Something that i can never get at school or when my lecturer teaching. This book is like push me to always thinking brave. no mainstream lah istilahnya jaman sekarang. Dan sekali lagi, yang sangat sangat gue pelajari dari buku ini, Pikirkan Apa yang Orang Tidak Pernah Pikirkan. It's the way simple sentence to end this post.

Yang memikirkan apa yang orang lain tidak pernah pikirkan,

Nida Riandita 

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