Senin, 12 Maret 2012

New age, New way to think

Long time no post, I enough busy with school assignment and absolutly with this fuckin life.

I just wanna tell you now i had a new AGE. 17th. In my country 17th means everything, means you' grow up, you begin to look up the 'real' world, you get your identity card, and your driving license, you get full of confidence of your parents, and the most important your responsibility is more bigger than your age, before. Start to think up, not childish anymore. Be more think to future, not just want to have fun. Have-fun still the most important thing to refresh our feel&brain. But, there should be limits. I am young, and i wanna through this life with fun. with HAHA (it means with laugh, smile, and caring of each other). with Smile (as always). and try to not cry in front of others. Cry for a baby, and cry is just show if you're weak(not including for cry because too much happy, or sad of something tragedy).

And i wanna hope in my new age, I would to be my self. And my bad habit gone. I wish.

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